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Meeting up with Joy and gang (TWICE!... this has got to be a record) this weekend has made me realise that it's not that I hate group work. It's the group dynamics that I hate sometimes.

I miss the times where "I'll send you the work by 12pm tomorrow" actually means it'll be in my inbox at 12pm sharp the next day as opposed to finding a note that it can only be completed the day after... As if I have all the time in the world to sit around and wait for things to come to me when people decide they are not too busy to do them.

I miss being the one who's late all the time.

I miss being part of a group of people who get serious when it's time to work and play the rest of the time.

I miss discussions about things that matter.

I miss not being the middle (wo)man, as if everyone else doesn't have each others numbers.

I miss not having to worry about substandard work or that things won't get done if people are not constantly reminded to do things.

I miss not having to worry about project work affecting my grades because everyone else actually gives a damn.

I miss Joey's silly, but not completely lame/stupid jokes.

Really, I quite enjoy the exchange of ideas as well as the social part of groupwork, but is it too much to expect other people to put in the same amount of effort and dedication?

I'm starting to think that getting randomly paired with Angela for the short presentation for my human development class is going to be the best thing that's happened to me this semester, as she's somewhat restored my faith that there remain several motivated and efficient people in our midst. I think her drive and hardworking(ness) helped to motivate me to work hard on that mini project, which I felt wasn't as exceedingly painful as all the other crap we've had to do yet. Pity it's not going to be graded.

On a much happier side note, good food and even better company have brightened up this long weekend despite the looming weeks of hell to come. I wish we weren't all so busy at different times so we can have more of these meet-ups.

Love, Wan
4:16 pm//Sunday, Oct. 26, 2008

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