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Wan Bakes Too!
My baking adventures continue with my attempt at baking a quick bread loaf for the first time this morning.

It went well... mostly. The top browned a bit too soon and I initially ended up with something of a more moist and cakey texture. Nevertheless, something that was edible, completely satisfying and tasted super. Now that it's cooled completely, it seems to have taken a slightly drier and breadier texture.

The muffins that the leftover batter yielded were really good and not too brown. Maybe I should just use the recipe to bake banana nut muffins in future.


Oh and check this out! Some lady made a bustier cake for her husband's birthday. Pretty cool, huh? ;)

Two words: Food porn! Haha.

Aaaaanyway, happy new year, people!

Love, Wan
5:51 pm//Friday, Jan. 02, 2009

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