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[0] Basics

Name Leong Wan


ICQ 7821553

Who? As you've probably already guessed, this dweller is a disillusioned teen, studying in an unremarkable high school in a relatively safe and stable and by all accounts unremarkable little tropical island city, called Singapore.

When? Born on the the 3rd of August

Where?Somewhere in the Western part of Singapore.

test from here

The Composer

First off, let's clear something up: being a Composer does not mean you're musically inclined. You may very well be -- and many musicians fit this personality -- but the key to the Composer is your artistic nature. Many of you love the fine-arts in some way, but all of you have an intense sense for grace and harmony.

The senses are very important to you. To you, things are more than just the sum of their parts. You so value how taste, sight, sound, touch, and smell all work together to create something bigger. The details are important, but it's the big picture that makes it all worth it.

All of this simply makes you weird, or "eccentric" depending on who you're talking to. Not that this is a bad thing -- you are unique. You have character. Just don't waste it by becoming an investment banker or anything like that. You may not have a lot of money, but you'll have your happiness.

[1] School

Where is this institue of pain? Singapore Chinese Girls' school. Please don't get me started on the screwed up thing they call an education system over here. For your sake, and mine.

Subject combination: Elementary math (math D), Additional Math, History, elective Literature, Biology, Chemistry.

What I do most at school: -Stone and daydream most of the time. I try to listen in class but it's tough so I usually just end up dreaming.
-Try to keep up a surrogate social life at school, I'm usually found around a few people who when together, are a source of much amusement, happiness and inspiration. :)

Why do you talk so much about school?! Very Sad. School takes up much of my day and I have not much of a life outside. Sad. Sad.

[2] Actions

Interests Reading (neil gaiman, cornwell, and pretty much anything that catches my attention), telly, playing with html and photoshop, daydreaming, procrastinating.

History People say history is boring and musty but I beg to differ. I think there's much colour in it and we musn't see just the sequence of events but also the reasons and rationale behind these events.

Reading I hardly pick up any tomes to read nowadays simply because I haven't that the time or energy to get absorbed. But I usually look out for murder or thriller novels. They are a means for me to escape from the daily monotone of life and enter a world of action and intrigue

Stoning Ironically, most of my mental stimulation comes from stoning or day dreaming. I usually let my mind wander around. Then I end up thinking of crazy ideas and stuff. Curiously, my best ideas come during these periods of time yet I still see them as a waste of time if I'm rushing deadlines.

[3] Life Force

I have no life. 'Nuff said.

Old obsessions. Mudding, patricia cornwell's docter scarpetta series of books, X-men comics, the television series charmed, to name a few.

New obsessions. Greg Kinnear, Jim Brickman, Neil Gaiman, HTML, studying(?!).. riight

I feel hate. Yes, I do.
I hate people who betray my trust in them.
I hate arrogance.
I hate show-offs.
I hate hypocritical bastards. (gee, that sounded rather hypocritical but.. moving on..!)
I hate people who deliberately push away my friendliness or kindess towards them.
If you're anyone of the above be careful because you wouldn't want to be a subject of my hate. It'll be awful and rather unpleasant.

Rain. I like rainy afternoons. In an intensely hot, humid climate, afternoons with overcast skies and drizzling rain are a welcome reprieve. With the lower temperatures it's so comfortable to curl up in bed and sleep/read.

Night-time I love gazing out the window at the night sky, at the stars that twinkle out to me. I get some rather good ideas at night when it's quiet. Night time is also a good time to think.

[4] the Computer

THE computer. I'm inseparable from the computer. I listen and download mp3s with my cable connection and scout around for good ideas for webpage designs and inspiration.

Art? Yeah, art. Once in a while I doodle in Photoshop, but that's about the closest I have come to art. I've never been good at drawing, so i'll just leave the art to mel. ;p

[5] audio pleasure

Listen... Instrumental, mainly piano and jazz pieces (Jim Brickman, Enya, Dave Koz, Diana Krall). A little pop, a little rock and oldies. Most people my age dislike them but that's what makes me special. that's what i like to think anyway. :) Loud music drives me crazy. well, actually it gives me a headache, which in turn, drives me crazy. so..

Instrumental, slow songs. Relaxing, really. Nice change from the fast enough pace of life.

Music CDs purchased this year. Haven't bought many CDs this year. Jim Brickman's Valentine and Ballads and Bryan Adams, roxette, phil collins and diana ross greastest sentimental hits (live in concert), all in one album. :)

Winamp 3 Even though people have derided it as memory-hogging and lacking in features it's still my audio player of choice. Most of the time it's on when my computer is on. Graphics-wise it looks very impressive as well.

[6] likes... and not

Worst feeling in the world.Loneliness. (Despite being a loner sometimes, not having anyone at all to share your feelings to... sucks.)
Not knowing what to do when you're in trouble. (Much of this "trouble" comes from either taking exams or when my computer dies out.)
The feeling of failure, that feeling becomes worse in proportion with the level of expectation that precedes it.

Best feeling in the world. Happiness. :)

Things that make me cringe:
The sound of fingernails scratching a blackboard

I want to buy... a scanner, a digital camera and better, faster, more powerful computer.

Favorite magazines I don't read magazines much. Neither do i like reading magazines much. However, Newsweek can be pretty interesting and it keeps me up to date with the going ons of the world since i don't read the papers regularly nor do i watch the news. bleh.

Pen or pencil? Mechanical pencil. Easy to correct... I wish that's the same for me too, I make too many mistakes and I sometimes can't wriggle out of tight situations. I wish I could rub it off with an eraser.
Sometimes I wish I could turn back time with the flick of a finger and correct things...

Movies I've watched this year: Lord of the Rings, Minority Report, Lilo and Stitch, The Importance of Being Ernest, A walk to Remember, Spirit, Harry Potter, Gosford Park, The Tuxedo...

[7] curious thing, this

LOVE. Inexplicable.

Love is all around. It surrounds us, every minute of everyday. Be it a parent's love for their children, concern from a friend or romantic love. There is love everywhere you look.
It is conveyed by simple gestures of concern, and it brightens up our day and makes us feel appreciated. It should be cherished and treasured, not taken for granted.
I feel love. Yes, I do. Just when I was wondering whether I'll ever get to feel the subject of the songs I've been listening to.
I am lost. No one can help me except myself.

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